Unique Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your guy friend or your girlfriend, these gifts are thoughtful, memorable and are sure to convey your feelings of appreciation and love.

Items like: jewelry, jewelry boxes, leather valet trays, crystal or glass ornaments, crystal or glass flower vases, leather or stainless steel flasks, leather manicure sets, candles and friendship charm key rings are all memorable little keepsakes that will always remind them of your friendship. Also a cartoon or caricatures drawing of your friend or the both of you will put a wonderfully big smile on his or her face.

Other ideas include items like: A best friend plaque or trophy which can be personalized with almost anything you can think of, wood, crystal or glass coasters, dishes, bowls, and serving trays, guardian angel figurines for watching over your friends and wine gifts like stoppers, crystal glasses, totes and carafes can all be personalized with names, dates, initials or poems depending upon the size of the item.

Creating memories is also another great gift idea for your best bud. A weekend getaway, a day at the spa, dinner and a movie or any kind of adventure that you can think of from a safari to a hot air balloon ride, will not only be memorable but will also give them something to look forward to. From these ideas also come some other gifts that can help him or her to remember all the fun you had together. Any one of these gifts can tie into your adventure theme, for example: A picture frame or photo album (which should include pictures, for maximum enjoyment), T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats that can say pretty much anything you can think of and also gift baskets that come in such a wide variety they can’t all be listed here.

Gifts don’t always have to be bought. Homemade gifts are not only inexpensive; they are also very memorable, thoughtful and are sure to be cherished. Homemade bath salts and bubble bath sets, garden stepping stones, blankets or afghans, gel candles, scented potpourri, photo albums and poems are all items that may take a little time to complete, but can be made by anyone. To make any of these items you simply have to look online and there you will find all the direction you need to get started and create a truly unique gift for a variety of different occasions. Plus there are tons of other gift making ideas online that will help to spark ideas to life and help you find your creative side, even if you’ve never been one for arts and crafts.

Whether the gift is personalized or homemade, you are giving a gift that is truly one of a kind and memorable. And considering everything you’ve been through together, your friendship is one of a kind as well. Honoring your friendship with gifts that come from the heart is the only way to go and the best kind to give. Perhaps the best part of any gift is the happy memories they create, so much so that they become loved and cherished for a lifetime. Happy Shopping!