The Hard Facts About Natural Men Skin Care Products

Looking for men skin care products or natural skin care for men? Here’s a word of caution. There are some naturally occurring compounds that are not safe. Let me tell you about a few of them.

Organic compounds, such as benzophenone and oxybenzone, are commonly used as sunscreens. Even though researchers have shown that these compounds cause cancer in animals and humans, the cosmetic industry continues to use them.

Whether designed for women or men skin care products that are used on a daily basis should not even contain “possible” carcinogens, much less those that are “known” to cause cancer. You might think that natural skin care for men is completely safe, but, sadly, many products are not.

In fact, it is difficult to find natural skin care for men that do not contain oxybenzone, benzophenone or something similar. The industry still insists that the ingredients cannot do damage, because they do not penetrate the outer layers of the skin, despite mountains of research that indicate otherwise.

You should look for men skin care products that are “safe enough to eat”, because if you rub them all over your body everyday, you may as well be eating them. You should also look for fragrance free.

Even fragrances commonly found in natural skin care for men can cause itching, irritation and other allergic reactions. Some botanicals have a slight fragrance, and that’s not a problem, but concentrating the fragrance can be a problem, even rose petal concentrates cause allergic reactions in many people.

Sure, you want to smell good, but use a dab of cologne and buy fragrance free shampoo, body wash, shaving cream and lotion. For after shave, you should look for men skin care products that contain witch hazel. Witch hazel extract is renowned for its ability to soothe scrapes and nicks. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant activity. All of this has been shown in the laboratory. It has a long history of safe and effective use. For a shaving lubricant, grape seed oil is just as effective as anything else. You can find it in gourmet food stores or order lotions that contain it.

Actually, if you want the best natural skin care for men, you should always look for ones that contain grape seed oil or extract. Not only is it an effective lubricant, it naturally moisturizes and creates a light film that prevents moisture loss. Your face will feel soft and smooth throughout the day.

One more word of advice; just because a product is categorized as “hypo-allergenic” does not mean that it is completely free of allergens. It simply means that the manufacturer uses “less” allergens than they do in their “regular” products.

You want fragrance-free and preservative free. You don’t want sunscreen compounds in products that you use every day. For sunburn protection, you want zinc oxide.

You want your men skin care products, which are to be used on your face, to contain grape seed oil and witch hazel. It may be harder to find them, but your face and health are worth it.

What Are the Essential Last Minute Skin Care Products You Need to Have?

Men and women nowadays are more knowledgeable and careful in choosing the best skin care products for them. They have been well-informed by the help of media, the television and the internet as well.

We have been very conscious of how we look and how healthy our skin is. Before, only women are considered vain but time made men somewhat conscious of their skin and how they present themselves in front of other people. Men are more fortunate over women in terms of their skin. Men’s skin is at least 20% thicker than that of women’s (technically speaking). They enjoy the benefit of getting fewer wrinkles than women, that’s why men tend to look younger through the years more than women do. Today, there had been more and more skin care products specifically made for men. Some men think that skin care is a girl thing though. On the other hand, men should be equally aware of how their care for their skin as women.

Attention, all men out there or women who cares for their men: here are some must-haves for men for a better and healthier skin:

1. Use Sunscreen. Exposure to the sun certainly is healthy but an overdose of which may cause burns, early aging and even cancer. An ample amount of sunscreen before you go out would do the job.

2. Cleansers. Keeping the skin clean, dead skin-free and free of oil also makes your skin free from acne and irritations. For men with oily and sensitive skin, special cleansers may be needed, although most men opt for the simple soap.

3. Retinoid. Using retinoid helps keep your pores unclogged and it may even help out with skin aged by excessive sun exposure.

4. Use Razors. Razors nowadays have 3 or more blades which when used shave away all the dead skin cells from your face. For some though, these razors may cause ingrown hair which is unsightly on your face. In this case, use of electric shavers may be considered.

5. Aftershave. Use of aftershave is essential to men. The best aftershave is the one that has no alcohol content as it dries off your skin. Choose those with disinfectants and moisturizers to keep skin soft and smooth and prevent you from having blackheads or ingrown hair.

For women, there are a lot of products to choose from, considering everything from price range to the effectiveness of the product. Here are some suggestions which you might want to consider:

Face Cleansers. Cetaphil is one product most dermatologists recommend because it has no harmful chemicals, fragrance that irritates the skin. If you are looking for something with shea butter, try Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It leaves your skin clean and moisturized. For oily skin, Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash is for you as this is soap and oil-free. You may also try Clinique Wash-Away Gel Cleanser and Lancôme Clarifiance Oil-Free Gel Cleanser. I you have normal to combination skin; try Dove Essential Nutrients Self-Foaming Cleanser. It combats oil and removes dead skin cells. For aromatherapy lovers; Bloom Facial Cleaners is for you. It has the scent of lavender and grapefruit oils. For sensitive skin; on a tight budget; Avon Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser is best or the Aveda All-Sensitive Cleanser. Blemished skin? Neutrogena Pore-Refining Cleanser is for you, it does not dry your skin. If budget is not a problem, try Murad Acne Kit. It has a cleanser, a pore-cleansing gel, an exfoliating lotion and a spot treatment.

Moisturizers. Moisturizers when applied should feel smooth, smell and feel good. It should not be irritating and you should not feel any burning sensation when applied. If you have dry skin, look for the presence of glycerin, dimethicone and hyaluronic acid in your moisturizer. Dove Sensitive Essential Day Lotion is very light and is free from dyes and fragrances. For those who want natural ingredients, try Lancôme Absolute Night Treatment. It contains sea algae, soy and wild yam extract. Crème de la Mer is the best in this category. If you have oily skin, look for a moisturizer that is oil-free not non-pore clogging. Some products in this category include: Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion UV Defense Combination/Oily, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 15, and Lorac Oil-Free Moisturizer. For those who have normal/combination skin, a gel type is best like the Aveeno Positively Smooth facial Moisturizer and the Clarins Hydration-Plus Moisture Lotion SPF 15.

So, before buying any kind of beauty product; first, know your skin type then remember all the harmful ingredients you should look out for.