7 US Stores to Buy Fashionable Active Wear

What better motivation is there to workout then having a wardrobe full of brand new sports wear?

Here is a list of brands and stores to shop for active wear.

Nike Leads the Pack

What is exercise without mention of this great brand? Nike is not just a manufacturer, it is an innovator. It is a popular brand that has its roots in Oregon, USA and has a wide range of suitable active wear in all sizes.

Nike’s clothing range is sold in many different shops both online and in brick and mortar shops.

New Balance Modeled by Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum partners with the company as they launched their active wear line. Fittingly called the Heidi Klum collection, you will be right to decide on a set including the most comfortable shoes that they are offering.

Prana for Yoga and Pilates Aficionados

Women who love yoga are sure to encounter this famous name in workout clothing. Exercise apparel for both yoga and Pilates are practically the same so you may choose from this manufacturer’s classic to modern array of active wear. The Jada, Carlie and Divine pants are some of their top sellers. These are exercise pants that are surely worth trying.

American Apparel’s Steady Rise

This brand may have encountered a few setbacks in the past but now it is starting to come around. Its gross margins are up once more from trendy clothing down to their active wear.  They have romped up on their customer service, product quality and marketing campaigns.

Hard Tail Signature Sportswear

Hard Tail has been featured in many leading magazines like People, People Extra, Shape, Sportswear, Angelino and US because of their impeccable active wear. This is no surprise as Hard Tail is a leading name in bike sales, sports gears and exercise apparels. If you are looking for the most flexible shorts, jackets or socks. Hard Tail is known for having the best “dyeing” process. If your after colors and prints this is your store!

Forever 21

This store ticks all of the boxes for style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers. New designs are always being introduced and you can be sure to find fashionable yet fit for purpose sports wear here and did I mention at amazingly great value! A vest could cost anything between $9 to $12 and pants anything between $7 to $20!


This store is a great store for those that are need of durable fabrics with style and the latest technology. They even have their own signature fabric called luon. Lululemon stock caters for a wide range of sports. They aren’t the cheapest but certainly tick the boxes for quality and advanced technology. 

Isabelle Tierny is a weight loss bootcamp instructor and mother to 3 wonderful girls.