All You Need to Know about Pump Shoes

Christian-Louboutin-Pumps-12_LRGFor some women, comfort is more important than style. They would rather wear flat shoes than walk around in heels all day. If you are out shopping for shoes, you may feel frustrated when you cannot decide whether to choose a pair that is comfortable or pick one that is stylish. Well, you do not have to deal with this dilemma anymore since we will introduce you to shoes that offer you both. Pump shoes have emerged to be the ideal footwear for women as they are affordable and incorporate the right amount of comfort and style.

The History of Pump Shoes

Originally pump shoes were called pompe and referred to comfortable flat shoes that were worn by working class men in the 1500s. Pompes had no laces or buckles and were very plain in appearance though their wide soles made the feet feel rather comfortable. Today the shoes still look as simple though they are not considered cheap anymore and are worn by the elite as well. In fact, some variations of pump shoes are also available with low heels that make women look very feminine and chic.

Kinds of Pump Shoes

Though pump shoes generally look like they used to in the 1500s even today, you are likely to find some variations of the same. Depending on the fitting that most appeals to you, any one of the following pump shoes will prove to be your ideal pair.

· Open toe pumps

Some pump shoes have an opening near the toes as they aspire to accommodate big feet comfortably. Open toe pumps became really popular in the 80s when women were looking for comfortable footwear. Thanks to the opening near the toes, your feet will be well aired and feel fresh. While some pumps have large openings, others have only enough space for the toes to peep out.

· Peep toe pumps

Peep toe pumps are like open toe pumps except that the opening near the toes is much smaller. It offers a good amount of coverage to those who think their toes are not all that pretty and makes the feet look very playful. Peep toes are not only comfortable but also very trendy. They are ideal for those women who need to walk around a lot or remain standing.

· Point toe pumps

These pump shoes have a pointed toe and are designed in such a way that they enhance the shape of your legs. They make your feet look elegant and sexy while making sure you are comfortable too.

· Round toe pumps

These pumps are the classic design that still manages to make women look stunning today. They are wide enough to comfortably fit wide feet and apply minimal pressure to the toes, even when worn with heels.

· Square toe pumps

These shoes are a very modern adaptation of the classic pump shoe and have square toes that offer a lot of space for your feet to adjust comfortably. They are ideal for long walks and square toe pumps can also make you look very trendy!