Enjoy Your Silk Duvet All Year Around

White silk (HSH-04)Researches now show that one third of American citizens experience trouble when it comes to sleeping at night. On the other hand, health experts continue to stress on the importance of quality and peaceful sleep all night. So possibly, this segment of the population is losing it, since they’re not getting the recommended dose of sleep.

But there are many ways of making your nights comfy than ever. One way of doing this is by using quality silk duvets, which have been shown to improve the quality of sleep due to their level of comfort. It’s a guarantee that you’ll enjoy your silk duvet all year around since they are the best when it comes to pampering you for a restful night. Here’s why many people are going for this kind of duvet.


Silk has been proven to be moisture-resistant. In fact, studies have found that silk material contains a natural-occurring protein known as Sericin. Sericin is similar to what the human skin contains. It makes the material resistant to mold and mildew, just like the human skin. And since this material doesn’t tolerate nasty bugs and mites to live or breed in, It’s perfect for people who might have allergies. If you are the kind of person that suffers from asthma, or may be you can’t stand dust, then 100% quality silk duvet Is your best choice as far as your health is concerned.


Silk will absorb and release unwanted moisture into the air. A quality silk duvet will ensure that a stable body temperature is maintained throughout the night. Manufacturers also use a layering technique that allow air to seep through the multiple layers of silk. This technology helps to release moisture from excessive heat escape during one of those hot nights. That’s a feature that automatically regulates your body temperature. A stable temperature ensures that you have a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep all night long. That’s something you definitely need.

Luxurious and light in weight

Duvets made of silk have the tendency of draping and wrapping around your body. That means you’ll have the same amount of warmth without necessarily having to take up the weight of the materials. People who have experienced the softness of silk duvets don’t go for anything else. They insist on silk duvets because they know the kind of value they get from this material. It’s the most luxurious duvet you can ever get in the market.

Low maintenance

Because you’re getting quality duvet, you won’t have to wash or dry-clean it regularly. In fact, most manufacturers advice that you don’t dry-clean at all. What you should do is to remove the duvet from its removable cover and then hang It outside so that It can take some sunlight and fresh air. Silk is said to be mold and mildew-resistant, and that’s why there’s no need to dry-clean or wash it.


Silk can last for as long as you can remember. In fact, with proper care of your silk duvet, it can last for a decade. The reason being; silk fibers are incredibly long and very strong. However, when buying silk duvets, you should only select duvets made from the finest silk fabric, 100% quality and rated triple A. The fiber forms a strong layered mesh that remains intact for a long period of time—depending on how it has been woven.


The most amazing thing about silk Is that it’s a natural fire retardant. Most manufacturers also don’t apply any chemicals during the manufacturing process of their duvets, plus the fill Is purely silk, no synthetic materials are mixed Into the fabric. Because of the absence of extra materials In silk duvets, there’s no chance of fire escalating because silk, is a fire retardant. That adds to your safety at night. It’s something you’d want to enjoy all year long. As you can see, duvets made of silk can enhance your sleep in several ways. Coupled with a nice bedroom decor, you’ll be sure to have a truly restful night each time you retire to bed in the evening. They can mean the difference between someone who is active during the day because of sufficient sleep and one who is always dizzy due to lack of enough sleep at night.