Signs of a Cheating Husband – 10 Very Revealing Questions You Must Ask Yourself About His Appearance

Signs of a cheating husband show up in many different places. One of the most common ways you can detect if your husband is cheating is by keeping a careful eye on his appearance.

If your husband is having an affair he will want to look more attractive and will start taking measures to improve his appearance. If all of a sudden you notice that he is making much more of an effort to do this than he was before you need to find out whether he’s doing it for you or someone else.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself about his appearance:

1. Is he more concerned about his physique, weight and fitness all of a sudden? He might have joined a gym, started running or doing more exercise than before.

2. Has he started buying more fashionable clothes? Maybe he has started buying these for himself whereas previously he would have relied on you to choose them for him.

3. Is he paying more attention to his hair than before? He might have had a new fashionable haircut, started to color his gray hair or started to do something about covering his bald patch.

4. Does he take more showers or baths than before, particularly before coming to bed?

5. Has he started wearing his best clothes to work on particular days or has he started taking smarter and a wider variation of clothes away with him on business trips?

6. Has he started buying different after shave and toiletries? Perhaps he’s using body lotion or facial creams when he wouldn’t have bothered with these before.

7. Has he started using mouthwash, fresh breath gum or mints? Maybe you can smell these on his breath when he comes home from working late or from nights out with the boys.

8. Has he bought new underwear? Maybe he’s replaced the tatty or boring ones that used to be ok for him with designer types or something more snazzy and colourful.

9. Is he more likely than before to put his clothes straight in the wash when he comes home whereas before he would leave them lying around? Perhaps he’s even taken some of his clothes to the laundry whereas before he would leave you to do that?

10. Has he changed his glasses to a more fashionable style? Maybe he’s even changed to contact lenses or he’s had laser treatment done so that he can do away with his glasses completely.

These appearance signs of a cheating husband may not mean anything in isolation, but if you notice a number of them happening you should take them as a warning sign that there’s probably something going on.

If you’ve detected some of these signs, or you have other good reasons to be suspicious that your husband is cheating on you, here’s what you must do next…

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