Our Dreams Help Us More Than We Know

Our dreams can help us at this time more than ever. They are indicators of deep desires, of where we want to take our lives.” quote by Ellen

It is time to visit my women’s cavern. I haven’t been there in a very long time. I carefully climb down through the jagged boulders and reach the wide, open area of my cavern. I notice the stone bleachers along one side, the stone walls & at one end, the altar. On the altar are flowers of all colours, candles & power objects. To one side are blankets of different colours. No one else is there right now.

I take my time choosing just the right coloured blanket for today…for the work I need to do. Red keeps coming into my mind, so I choose that. I wrap myself in the red blanket & make a hood with it to put over my head. I sit down cross-legged a distance from the altar. I wait…

As I sit there, more women gradually arrive and take seats on the stone benches. I understand that the stone ‘bleachers’ are there for the women who support me in my internal work. I see present day friends and also my ancestors. Auntie Helen, Nain, Grandma, Auntie Olwen are there. Susan Y., Susan K., Diane, Shahnaz, Darlene, Alisa, Kathy, Jeanne, Angel, Amy & Irene are my present day supporters. Blackie my dog is there as an honourary female.

The women come down from the benches & wrap themselves in blankets. We sit in a circle on the floor & begin the drumming & singing. My work is to bring forward that strong, powerful part of me that is so necessary in order for me to develop my practice and my life in the way that I want to…to develop myself in a totally empowered, authentic way.

The energy of the drumming & singing builds & ebbs of its own accord until the cavern echoes & vibrates with it. As the music slowly draws to a close, I move into the centre of the circle. One by one, each woman comes forward & gives me a gift…a small object or some inspiring words written on pieces of paper. These gifts are tokens that signify their support of me, & symbols that they believe represent the new life I am giving birth to. After the exchange we hold hands & sing together before sharing tea & slowly climbing back up, out of the cavern.

My women’s cavern is from a dream I had several years ago when I was working with Judith Duerk, a Jungian therapist. Judith felt that the cavern room is my unconscious.

Copyright Ellen Besso 2007

Through her ‘Odyssey of Change’ coaching program, Ellen Besso offers Midlife Women the opportunity to navigate the midlife maze and find joy & fullness in their lives.

Personal action plans include strengthening the body-mind connection; releasing beliefs that limit growth; & specific actions to move you forward into your ideal life.

Ellen is uniquely qualified to be your guide because she has personally journeyed through perimenopause and into an inspired life as a menopausal crone! Her professional credentials include certification as a Martha Beck Coach and an M.A. in Counselling from City University.