Do You Know the Shape of Your Body?

You’ve grown up knowing that your shape is unique. Everything from top to toe about you is unique that’s just a plain and simple fact. So with that in mind, it probably comes as a surprise to find that in terms of the fashion industry,  you aren’t as unique as you think you are. In fact you, me and everybody else fall into a predefined body shape that has been used as a template by the fashion industry for just about every garment that’s produced.

The key to looking great therefore, lies in our ability to buy clothes for our particular body shape. Of course, knowing our body shape is the first step in the process and if you’re anything like me, you will have been oblivious to the whole body shape concept from the outset. Having taken on board the idea that you have a predefined body shape, you simply have to decide what shape you are.

The following list is by no means definitive, but take a look and from the descriptions, have an honest guess at what your shape is. Armed with this knowledge, your next shopping trip should be less of an experiment and more of an exact science, and the result will be a very comfortable and hopefully very confident and attractive person in the mirror.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself in one of these common body shapes:

The Classic Apple:

This body shape is often attributed to people who carry a little extra weight in their mid section, giving the appearance of a round midsection or “apple” type shape.

The Pear:

Perhaps the most common and unwanted body shape of all, this body shape is attributed to people who gain their weight on their backside, hips, and thighs, giving an overall appearance of a pear.

The Hour Glass:

The curvy figure is one of the most difficult to fit for clothing since it is represented by a narrow waist, shapely hips, and a full bust. The classic “hourglass” figure.

The Bell Shape:

As the name indicates, this figure starts narrow at the top and gets wider as it gets lower. Small, narrow shoulders, small breasts, small short waist with a big bottom and big thighs. The bell shape.

Some other body shapes are: The Boyish figure, the Skittle, the Vase, the Goblet and the Cello.

Determining your body shape and knowing how to select clothes that flatter is not always easy and requires a great amount of honesty, and whilst many surveys suggest that most women think that their body shape is the hour glass, the reality is somewhat different. The good news is that once you know, you will choose your clothes with much more confidence, knowing that you will be wearing clothes that suit and flatter your body shape.

This last point is really important because if you wear clothes that suit your body shape, you will notice the difference straight away. You will feel comfortable and as a result, you’ll feel much more confident.

To really take advantage of your new found knowledge, take a look at the huge range fashion websites on the Internet and take advantage of the many style guides and body shape selectors that most fashion websites have.

Any fashion site worth it’s salt will offer suggested garments and styles for the most common body shapes. Use them. And don’t forget that the Internet never sleeps, and it doesn’t criticise either.

Good luck and happy shopping.

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