Top 5 Makeup Tips From Hollywood’s Best Makeup Artists

tumblr_m33f9a1mWN1qianbno1_1280Wearing makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty and increase your self confidence. Makeup should be an expression of your style and can help you put your best face forward every time you apply and wear it. While everyone has different features, complexions and skin challenges, there are some tips that work universally for everyone. There are a few go to tricks and tips from Hollywood’s best makeup artists you can use to enhance your look and once you master the techniques, you can look like a celebrity every day.

Start With A Flawless Foundation

The key to great makeup is great skin. Every top makeup artist will tell you starting with a clean, clear canvas is the best way to achieve a flawless, gorgeous, glowing look. Invest in and use skin care made to address your skin’s needs and always be sure to follow with a moisturizer made for your skin type. Once your skin is clean and moisturized, apply a skin primer and your makeup will last all day and your pores will appear smaller. Primers are often ignored, but top Hollywood makeup artists always use them and recommend you do, too.

Chose The Correct Makeup

Top makeup artists have a bevy of foundations to chose from and have figured out the best ones for every skin type. Top artists recommend a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for clients with clear skin with even tone, a stick foundation for maximum coverage, an oil free foundation for people with acne or oily skin, and a light weight mineral powder for people with sensitive skin. Makeup artists in Hollywood also recommend you test the color on your neck or jawline to ensure a good match. Apply your foundation with a brush or makeup sponge for even, gorgeous coverage.

Use Concealer Wisely

Top makeup artists use concealer to hide flaws, enhance features and to make prominent features recede. Using concealer wisely can make a huge difference in your appearance. In addition to covering your acne spots or uneven pigmentation, there are five places every makeup artist recommends you use concealer:

  • In the inner corner of your eyes
  • The outer corner of your eyes
  • Under your eyes
  • Under each nostril and at the sides of your nose
  • At each corner of your mouth

These are the places shadows fall and make us appear tired, run down or older than we are and a little concealer can correct those shadows.

Keep Eye Makeup On All Day

Top makeup professionals recommend you use an eye lid primer. The primer will help prevent your makeup from creasing or fading and will help it last all day. To really enhance your eyes, take another tip from Hollywood celebrity makeup artists and wear false lashes.

Apply Cheek Color Sparingly

Most makeup artists recommend you complete your lip and eye color application before you apply your cheek color. Often after eyes and lips are finished, you look much more vibrant and fresh and will find you do not need to apply much cheek color at all to brighten your face.

Follow these tips and soon you will learn to create a gorgeous, flawless look that you love and feel confident wearing. You will look and feel so great and before you know it, your friends will be asking you for makeup tips.

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Permanent Makeup to Shape Eyebrows

makeupPermanent makeup, which is also known as micropigmentation, is quite popular around the world. This procedure is very similar to that of getting a permanent tattoo. This new age cosmetic treatment can be considered as a solution to many of your cosmetic troubles.

Just think about the possibilities resulting in undergoing permanent makeup surgery. You wouldn’t have to be rushed in the morning because you have to put your best face on. You could sleep in for at least an extra half hour. Being fearful due to sweat from exercise will be a think of the past and you won’t have to run the gauntlet of trying to do your makeup on bumpy and cramped public transport. You can go to bed and wake up looking exactly the same.

If you are troubled by the issue of scanty and thin eyebrows, then you can go in for a permanent eyebrow tattoo. Here, makeup is applied in a sweeping manner with the help of micropigmentation machines and this gives the eyebrows a natural look.

The Procedure

You should refrain from dyeing your eyebrows and tweezing it until 2 weeks before the micropigmentation procedure. Before choosing permanent eyebrow makeup, you need to decide on the shape and color of the eyebrows that you want to have and this will depend upon your skin tone and hair color.

After this, pigments will be introduced under the skin with the help of micropigmentation machines. The pigment will be injected in angled lines and in the direction of growth of the eyebrow hair.

After allying pigment on one eyebrow, the area is cleaned thoroughly using an antiseptic to prevent the occurrence of infections. The procedure is a short one and lasts for about 30 minutes. You will generally feel no pain when undergoing the treatment. However, you can ask your surgeon for a local anesthetic in case you feel like taking a precaution.

The Precautions

In order to promote complete healing of the area and to prevent the occurrence of unwanted side effects, you need to take proper care after the procedure. The area surrounding your eyebrows will be red and swollen after the treatment.

However, you need not worry, as this is quite common and will disappear within a few days. The treatment area will heal completely within 1 to 2 weeks, and you will be left with natural and beautiful looking eyebrows.

It is true that the attraction of permanent makeup is strong. Do not take the decision to undergo the surgery lightly, though. As the name suggests, this makeup will last for a very long time, and will only fade slightly as you age. Like ordinary tattoos, it is not particularly easy to reverse and remove either, so you will need to put a lot of time into planning your new look.

Make sure you go for a thorough consultation with a reputable surgeon. Ask around and research for the best clinic in your local area, and this should ensure that you will be able to confidently go through the micropigmentation procedure.

This post was brought to you by JudyLulu, a girl who wants to live in a lipstick jungle. She has recently been exploring the benefits of micropigmentation technology and how its advantages.