All You Need to Know about Pump Shoes

Christian-Louboutin-Pumps-12_LRGFor some women, comfort is more important than style. They would rather wear flat shoes than walk around in heels all day. If you are out shopping for shoes, you may feel frustrated when you cannot decide whether to choose a pair that is comfortable or pick one that is stylish. Well, you do not have to deal with this dilemma anymore since we will introduce you to shoes that offer you both. Pump shoes have emerged to be the ideal footwear for women as they are affordable and incorporate the right amount of comfort and style.

The History of Pump Shoes

Originally pump shoes were called pompe and referred to comfortable flat shoes that were worn by working class men in the 1500s. Pompes had no laces or buckles and were very plain in appearance though their wide soles made the feet feel rather comfortable. Today the shoes still look as simple though they are not considered cheap anymore and are worn by the elite as well. In fact, some variations of pump shoes are also available with low heels that make women look very feminine and chic.

Kinds of Pump Shoes

Though pump shoes generally look like they used to in the 1500s even today, you are likely to find some variations of the same. Depending on the fitting that most appeals to you, any one of the following pump shoes will prove to be your ideal pair.

· Open toe pumps

Some pump shoes have an opening near the toes as they aspire to accommodate big feet comfortably. Open toe pumps became really popular in the 80s when women were looking for comfortable footwear. Thanks to the opening near the toes, your feet will be well aired and feel fresh. While some pumps have large openings, others have only enough space for the toes to peep out.

· Peep toe pumps

Peep toe pumps are like open toe pumps except that the opening near the toes is much smaller. It offers a good amount of coverage to those who think their toes are not all that pretty and makes the feet look very playful. Peep toes are not only comfortable but also very trendy. They are ideal for those women who need to walk around a lot or remain standing.

· Point toe pumps

These pump shoes have a pointed toe and are designed in such a way that they enhance the shape of your legs. They make your feet look elegant and sexy while making sure you are comfortable too.

· Round toe pumps

These pumps are the classic design that still manages to make women look stunning today. They are wide enough to comfortably fit wide feet and apply minimal pressure to the toes, even when worn with heels.

· Square toe pumps

These shoes are a very modern adaptation of the classic pump shoe and have square toes that offer a lot of space for your feet to adjust comfortably. They are ideal for long walks and square toe pumps can also make you look very trendy!

What You Need to Consider when Shopping for the Best Biker Gear

motorcycle-clothingBeing on the street and riding a motorcycle can be a whole lot of fun and excitement but it can also be dangerous if you fail to wear the right biker gear for safety and protection. If you want to make sure you’re still alive, unharmed and uninjured living the thrilling life on the streets with your bike, you need to pick out the best clothes to wear and the need to carry it very well by the time you put in on.

It doesn’t really matter how experienced, expert or even careful you are, it wouldn’t guarantee your safety still not until you are equipped with the right biker gear. These are not the usual shoes or clothes, though they can be really comfortable and fun to wear, but the main factor is that it will provide you with maximum safety when you’re on the ride.

When shopping for the perfect motorcycle gears, there are a number of factors that you need to be aware of and here are the following:

• Nothing can really beat products that are of high quality and seasoned bikers would always say that. If you have to pick out between price and quality, you should be smart and wiser enough to choose the latter one. This is for the reason that quality is often associated with safety. Therefore, purchasing high quality gears is truly important to ensure that you are well protected and away from harm especially during a bike ride.

• Another vital factor to consider is the brand since it greatly reflects quality. Reliable brands that you can opt for would be Harley Davidson and they ensure you that you will receive nothing but the best of the best quality gears. Though they might cost a lot of money, but they are worth the price if it makes sure that you are protected and safe.

• When selecting a gear, the size and fit is essential to put in mind especially when it comes to the boots and helmets because these highly contributes to giving safety to the riders. If the boots are too tight, it can surely restrict the flow of blood in the feet or if the helmet is too loose, it can slip off from your head easily during a bike ride. When shopping for a biker gear, make sure that you try them on yourself before deciding to purchase them.

• Aside from the quality, brand, size and fit, it is also vital to consider the features that the gears you opt to have. Like for the helmets, if you want to buy a full-face helmet to ensure maximum protection and for boots, if you prefer to have short shaft or long shaft and a whole lot more.

Now that you are completely aware of all the factors that you need to know when shopping for the best biker gear, it would be a lot easier than before. All you have to do now is to pick a reputable store or you can always shop through various online stores out there. The online market is complete with various kinds of motorcycle gears that you can ever find.

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A history of Barbour Jackets

7Womens Barbour Antique Union Jack International Jacket

For a company that began in the North East of England with a basic desire to create simple clothes, Barbour Jackets have come a very long way.

Nowadays, you may be used to seeing this proud British brand around the shoulders of fashion models and celebrities, but this was all a long way away back in 1894, when the Barbour was born in the Market Place of South Shields, a place more synonymous with industry and hard-graft than style and trend-setting.

John Barbour started it all, and is now responsible for the “English countryside look” that we all know and love. The son of a sheep-farmer, John was brought up in South-West Galloway and invented the garment at the end of the 19th Century.

At the time, he was a travelling draper, and it wasn’t long before his business had taken over his life. By then he was the pride of South Shields, and in the business of supplying Barbour Jackets to fishermen and dockers who appreciated the oilskin looks and the practical features the clothing possessed.

Soon known throughout the land, anyone who was anyone wanted the rural look, and although many copied Barbour’s style, nothing looked or felt quite the same. The same can still be said.

If you were wondering what John’s first idea was, wonder no more. The earliest coat known to exist is the Beacon Sylkoil. Devised in 1919, this short and double-breasted fawn raincoat specimen came complete with horn buttons and a suitably good-looking corduroy collar.

Inside, the lining was red-and-ochre check, with a black label stitched elegantly into the lining that bore word of the company’s South Shields routes. Between 1934 and 1955, all kinds of jackets were produced, from the 1941 Admiralty suit with high collar to the 55 motorcycling jacket that came complete with a map pocket sewn into the left breast.

Nowadays, the business, presently in its fifth generation, resides in the North East. But there’s no need to feel sad if you’re a South Shields lover, as the decision making still happens over in Simonside.

If there’s one thing which people love about Barbour Jackets, it’s how much attention goes into each and every one. Where some companies have failed by mass producing products which lack that authentic feel, Barbour have stayed true to their beginnings and ensured that all attire is hand-made.

It may be slower going than with cutting-edge machinery, but from the sales of some 100,000 sought-after jackets a year, it’s clear that things are slowing down and the personal touch will never lose its mass appeal.

2004 saw a new era of Barbour Jackets unleashed onto the public. Working with Lord James Percy, the development department at Barbour were keen to release a shooting clothing range, more officially known as the Northumberland Range.

It wasn’t long before these fine jackets began to cause a commotion, and in 2005 their technical prowess was recognised officially by winning the Shooting Industry Award. Lord James Percy continues to assist the company, and not long ago, with the help of Vice Chairman Helen Barbour, he designed the brand-new Barbour Sporting Collection, which saw huge attention in the Winter of 2011.

One of a few select British brands to have captured the imagination of the global economy, Barbour Jackets shops can now be found all over the world. With 11 in the UK and retail outlets in Europe, as well as Japan and as far a-field as New Zealand, there are as many as 2,000 products to choose from, with specific collections geared towards men, women and children, covering everything from knitwear to socks and more accessories besides.

A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

7 US Stores to Buy Fashionable Active Wear

What better motivation is there to workout then having a wardrobe full of brand new sports wear?

Here is a list of brands and stores to shop for active wear.

Nike Leads the Pack

What is exercise without mention of this great brand? Nike is not just a manufacturer, it is an innovator. It is a popular brand that has its roots in Oregon, USA and has a wide range of suitable active wear in all sizes.

Nike’s clothing range is sold in many different shops both online and in brick and mortar shops.

New Balance Modeled by Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum partners with the company as they launched their active wear line. Fittingly called the Heidi Klum collection, you will be right to decide on a set including the most comfortable shoes that they are offering.

Prana for Yoga and Pilates Aficionados

Women who love yoga are sure to encounter this famous name in workout clothing. Exercise apparel for both yoga and Pilates are practically the same so you may choose from this manufacturer’s classic to modern array of active wear. The Jada, Carlie and Divine pants are some of their top sellers. These are exercise pants that are surely worth trying.

American Apparel’s Steady Rise

This brand may have encountered a few setbacks in the past but now it is starting to come around. Its gross margins are up once more from trendy clothing down to their active wear.  They have romped up on their customer service, product quality and marketing campaigns.

Hard Tail Signature Sportswear

Hard Tail has been featured in many leading magazines like People, People Extra, Shape, Sportswear, Angelino and US because of their impeccable active wear. This is no surprise as Hard Tail is a leading name in bike sales, sports gears and exercise apparels. If you are looking for the most flexible shorts, jackets or socks. Hard Tail is known for having the best “dyeing” process. If your after colors and prints this is your store!

Forever 21

This store ticks all of the boxes for style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers. New designs are always being introduced and you can be sure to find fashionable yet fit for purpose sports wear here and did I mention at amazingly great value! A vest could cost anything between $9 to $12 and pants anything between $7 to $20!


This store is a great store for those that are need of durable fabrics with style and the latest technology. They even have their own signature fabric called luon. Lululemon stock caters for a wide range of sports. They aren’t the cheapest but certainly tick the boxes for quality and advanced technology. 

Isabelle Tierny is a weight loss bootcamp instructor and mother to 3 wonderful girls. 

Being Trendy Always

When it comes tomatters pertaining to fashion: there is no room for grave mistakes; whether you are wearing for an occasion or a simple outing. Casual wear is the most popular among the population. Most people love it for various reasons.

Being trendy always

Comfort Ability

Many people will conquer with me on this one. Casual wear is wear makes one feel at ease. It’s not usually associated with a lot of expectations from other people. For this reason, it is more preferable than any other ware. Thoughts associated with this benefit, it has been known to be misused in away .Many people will be caught trending attires that are not that fashionable. Some people will rock some very weird colors and still feel that it’s okay due to the fact that it’s not formal and lilt attention is given to informal clothing.Well, in the present world, this fact is slowly changing and people should be aware of what they put on. A lot of considerations should be given to the cloths detailing aspects like:


This is the most ignored aspect of attire: But it turns out to be the most important of all the others. Why should one rock in a cloth that is not going to serve their purpose efficiently. Attires or any clothing should stay long enough to fulfill its obligations. When one dedicates their time on quality considerations: they look at the characteristics of the cloth based on its color aspects and the material component of the material. It would prudent to purchase a clothing whose color does not easily fade. Clothing devoid of quality color specs makes  any cloth look very old .It doesn’t matter how much it is worth.



It would be a grave mistake to put on something that was trendy a few years back. It always feels odd and unappreciated. It doesn’t it matter, how much it was at the time .It demeans one regardless. When it comes to the design aspects of any clothing, you can never go wrong with the elder statesman brands. It’s respected worldly by fashion icons due the fact that they give so much credit to the quality as well as the design of the cloth than any other fashion brands. It’s able to fulfill its client’s obligations perfectly well.This is what makes it one of the most popular brands that there is. No man can resist their clothing accessories based on the quality. They focus so much energy on the design. For instance, when it comes to the range of caps on their sleeves, they stalk a wide array of them. One of the most popular is the ribbed knit cap. It’s a comfortable wear especially when it’s cold. It is made to serve both genders. The elder statesman’s flaco kisser cap comes in at a close second. It’s mostly found in a blue colour.Its comfortable and very trendy in the same measure. This is what makes it trendy. The other categories of caps that one can experiment with include the cable watcher, straight ski among other popular brands.

Look Good When Heading Out With These Fashion Tips

Would you like to show others a higher fashion IQ? You struck it lucky today, because this article can help enhance your attitude towards fashion and give you some sound advice.

Find conditioner that can help you with your hair if it frizzes. This will add a protective layer along your hair’s cuticle, allowing it to remain soft and luxurious. Keep away from products that say “volumizing,” which includes ingredients such as rice and wheat.

You should always keep an eye out for new style changes. Fashion is ever-changing, so even if you don’t wear them, at least keep up with the latest styles by following a couple of fashion magazines. They are usually the first source to catch new trends in style.

Hair is a great way to express yourself. So it is very important that your hairstyles reflect your personality and where you are in your life. As an example, a career-oriented woman aiming for corporate success might consider a shoulder length bob cut. A busy mom might prefer a less fussy wash and wear hairstyle instead.

Clean your closet. More clothing can lead to less options for you to wear. You fashion choices, however, can be seriously restricted with a closet that is jammed and cluttered. Pick through your entire wardrobe and take out the things you aren’t wearing or that do not fit you anymore. You want to keep anything that you might consider wearing at some point though.

When it comes to jewelry, less is usually more. You do not have to wear all of the jewelry that you own, as this will make you look tacky. Too much bling can be blinding. Wear a little bit of jewelry to get an elegant and classy look.

Determine what is good and bad for your body shape. For a petite size, you should choose simple, fitted garments with small details and lengthening styles such as princess lines. If you have a large bust, try to draw attention away with bright pants and skirts. If you have a pear shape then you should try to wear light tops with darker bottoms.

Get the most out of your beauty products to save the most money possible. If the product is in a tube, use a toothpaste squeezer to completely empty it. If your beauty products are in bottles, turn the bottle upside down to use all of the product. Another tip is to remove the top of the bottle so you can reach into the bottle to get any remnants. This may save you some money.

For fun and function, ask a professional colorist which colors will look best on you. Skin, eye and hair color cause certain colors to look great or not so great on anyone. When you learn which colors are best for you, you will most likely want to use those colors because they make you look more alert, happy and beautiful.

Look at all the white clothes that you purchase to make sure that they aren’t too see through. Lots of people wind up with see-through clothing because they fail to get a good look at it first. If you are wearing a white shirt, make sure that you wear a bra under it that is close to your skin color.

You must be intelligent when it comes to fashion. You have to be knowledgeable in the items you choose, as they can gain appreciation from your peers. The more effort you put into your appearance, the more confidence you will have and the better impression you will make on those you meet.

Thanks for reading. The author is an editor at digital catwalk fashion community

Fragrance – Is it Heaven Scent?

These days, the vast majority of men and women consider a quick squirt of their favourite perfume or aftershave an intrinsic part of their morning ritual. You could argue that the criteria for the scent you wear each day should purely be based around the smell that you, yourself, find most pleasing; but the marketing of fragrances means that they are considered a key tool in alluring a partner and therefore at either a conscious or sub-conscious level we are all buying fragrances that we hope will please others too.

So, from this can we deduce that fragrances were developed to assist in our mating rituals? Actually no – the history of perfume actually has more spiritual roots, originally created for religious purposes to honour the gods. It is recorded that ancient civilisations dating as far back as 7000 years ago were using fragrance as part of their offerings to their countless deities. Fires were created, to which were added a fragrant ‘pot pourri’ of aromatic wood, incense, gum resins, herbs and spices and people walked through the smoke to wear the perfume. In fact, the word perfume stems from the Latin term per fumum, meaning “through smoke”.

It was from these origins that the concept of perfume arose, with techniques for extracting and preserving fragrances through boiling, pressing, drying, distillation and even blending with fats practised throughout the ancient world. However it was not until Roman monks discovered the distillation of alcohol that perfume production, in the true sense of the word, became possible.

The multi-million pound industry that we know today perhaps began its journey in earnest in the 18th century, with the establishment of a number of perfume houses. Techniques were improved and the “juices” as perfumers called their products became more sophisticated, and throughout the ages women have loved perfume including many famous women of our times.

At one time fragrance was a luxury for royalty; in 800BC, The Queen of Sheba used perfume to seduce King Solomon. Catherine de Medici – future wife of Henry II – bought her own perfumer with her as part of her entourage when she came to Britain, and she even established a perfume laboratory in Provence! Queen Elizabeth I was famous for her love of perfume; her clothes, gloves and shoes were steeped in the fragrance from damask roses and even the rooms of her palaces were sprinkled with scent.

Perhaps these historical women were the forerunners of today’s celebrities whose names are now closely associated with fragrance – albeit for more commercial reasons! Kylie, J Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean Paul and even Jade Goody have all placed their monikers on a bottle of scent! In fact, it could be argued that in today’s culture there are some who see celebrity as an almost ‘god-like’ status, so perhaps we haven’t come that far from the religious roots of perfume all those thousands of years ago.