What You Need to Consider when Shopping for the Best Biker Gear

motorcycle-clothingBeing on the street and riding a motorcycle can be a whole lot of fun and excitement but it can also be dangerous if you fail to wear the right biker gear for safety and protection. If you want to make sure you’re still alive, unharmed and uninjured living the thrilling life on the streets with your bike, you need to pick out the best clothes to wear and the need to carry it very well by the time you put in on.

It doesn’t really matter how experienced, expert or even careful you are, it wouldn’t guarantee your safety still not until you are equipped with the right biker gear. These are not the usual shoes or clothes, though they can be really comfortable and fun to wear, but the main factor is that it will provide you with maximum safety when you’re on the ride.

When shopping for the perfect motorcycle gears, there are a number of factors that you need to be aware of and here are the following:

• Nothing can really beat products that are of high quality and seasoned bikers would always say that. If you have to pick out between price and quality, you should be smart and wiser enough to choose the latter one. This is for the reason that quality is often associated with safety. Therefore, purchasing high quality gears is truly important to ensure that you are well protected and away from harm especially during a bike ride.

• Another vital factor to consider is the brand since it greatly reflects quality. Reliable brands that you can opt for would be Harley Davidson and they ensure you that you will receive nothing but the best of the best quality gears. Though they might cost a lot of money, but they are worth the price if it makes sure that you are protected and safe.

• When selecting a gear, the size and fit is essential to put in mind especially when it comes to the boots and helmets because these highly contributes to giving safety to the riders. If the boots are too tight, it can surely restrict the flow of blood in the feet or if the helmet is too loose, it can slip off from your head easily during a bike ride. When shopping for a biker gear, make sure that you try them on yourself before deciding to purchase them.

• Aside from the quality, brand, size and fit, it is also vital to consider the features that the gears you opt to have. Like for the helmets, if you want to buy a full-face helmet to ensure maximum protection and for boots, if you prefer to have short shaft or long shaft and a whole lot more.

Now that you are completely aware of all the factors that you need to know when shopping for the best biker gear, it would be a lot easier than before. All you have to do now is to pick a reputable store or you can always shop through various online stores out there. The online market is complete with various kinds of motorcycle gears that you can ever find.

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A history of Barbour Jackets

7Womens Barbour Antique Union Jack International Jacket

For a company that began in the North East of England with a basic desire to create simple clothes, Barbour Jackets have come a very long way.

Nowadays, you may be used to seeing this proud British brand around the shoulders of fashion models and celebrities, but this was all a long way away back in 1894, when the Barbour was born in the Market Place of South Shields, a place more synonymous with industry and hard-graft than style and trend-setting.

John Barbour started it all, and is now responsible for the “English countryside look” that we all know and love. The son of a sheep-farmer, John was brought up in South-West Galloway and invented the garment at the end of the 19th Century.

At the time, he was a travelling draper, and it wasn’t long before his business had taken over his life. By then he was the pride of South Shields, and in the business of supplying Barbour Jackets to fishermen and dockers who appreciated the oilskin looks and the practical features the clothing possessed.

Soon known throughout the land, anyone who was anyone wanted the rural look, and although many copied Barbour’s style, nothing looked or felt quite the same. The same can still be said.

If you were wondering what John’s first idea was, wonder no more. The earliest coat known to exist is the Beacon Sylkoil. Devised in 1919, this short and double-breasted fawn raincoat specimen came complete with horn buttons and a suitably good-looking corduroy collar.

Inside, the lining was red-and-ochre check, with a black label stitched elegantly into the lining that bore word of the company’s South Shields routes. Between 1934 and 1955, all kinds of jackets were produced, from the 1941 Admiralty suit with high collar to the 55 motorcycling jacket that came complete with a map pocket sewn into the left breast.

Nowadays, the business, presently in its fifth generation, resides in the North East. But there’s no need to feel sad if you’re a South Shields lover, as the decision making still happens over in Simonside.

If there’s one thing which people love about Barbour Jackets, it’s how much attention goes into each and every one. Where some companies have failed by mass producing products which lack that authentic feel, Barbour have stayed true to their beginnings and ensured that all attire is hand-made.

It may be slower going than with cutting-edge machinery, but from the sales of some 100,000 sought-after jackets a year, it’s clear that things are slowing down and the personal touch will never lose its mass appeal.

2004 saw a new era of Barbour Jackets unleashed onto the public. Working with Lord James Percy, the development department at Barbour were keen to release a shooting clothing range, more officially known as the Northumberland Range.

It wasn’t long before these fine jackets began to cause a commotion, and in 2005 their technical prowess was recognised officially by winning the Shooting Industry Award. Lord James Percy continues to assist the company, and not long ago, with the help of Vice Chairman Helen Barbour, he designed the brand-new Barbour Sporting Collection, which saw huge attention in the Winter of 2011.

One of a few select British brands to have captured the imagination of the global economy, Barbour Jackets shops can now be found all over the world. With 11 in the UK and retail outlets in Europe, as well as Japan and as far a-field as New Zealand, there are as many as 2,000 products to choose from, with specific collections geared towards men, women and children, covering everything from knitwear to socks and more accessories besides.

A natural born writer, Stacey Barton writes professionally and for fun across a wide range of niches with particular attention to how classic brands can continue to offer the same product for decades and somehow survive the turbulent and ever changing consumer market.

5 Tips For The Perfect Female Seduction

The art of seducing a woman is easier than it sounds. Advertisers may tell you that you need the right aftershave, the right car or the right brand of clothes, but in fact the surface details are surprisingly unimportant.

I’m about to explain to you exactly what does matter when it comes to seducing your date. By following my five point plan, any man, regardless of income or appearance, can dramatically improve his chances of taking that girl to bed. Continue reading

Do You Know the Shape of Your Body?

You’ve grown up knowing that your shape is unique. Everything from top to toe about you is unique that’s just a plain and simple fact. So with that in mind, it probably comes as a surprise to find that in terms of the fashion industry,  you aren’t as unique as you think you are. In fact you, me and everybody else fall into a predefined body shape that has been used as a template by the fashion industry for just about every garment that’s produced.

The key to looking great therefore, lies in our ability to buy clothes for our particular body shape. Of course, knowing our body shape is the first step in the process and if you’re anything like me, you will have been oblivious to the whole body shape concept from the outset. Having taken on board the idea that you have a predefined body shape, you simply have to decide what shape you are.

The following list is by no means definitive, but take a look and from the descriptions, have an honest guess at what your shape is. Armed with this knowledge, your next shopping trip should be less of an experiment and more of an exact science, and the result will be a very comfortable and hopefully very confident and attractive person in the mirror.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself in one of these common body shapes:

The Classic Apple:

This body shape is often attributed to people who carry a little extra weight in their mid section, giving the appearance of a round midsection or “apple” type shape.

The Pear:

Perhaps the most common and unwanted body shape of all, this body shape is attributed to people who gain their weight on their backside, hips, and thighs, giving an overall appearance of a pear.

The Hour Glass:

The curvy figure is one of the most difficult to fit for clothing since it is represented by a narrow waist, shapely hips, and a full bust. The classic “hourglass” figure.

The Bell Shape:

As the name indicates, this figure starts narrow at the top and gets wider as it gets lower. Small, narrow shoulders, small breasts, small short waist with a big bottom and big thighs. The bell shape.

Some other body shapes are: The Boyish figure, the Skittle, the Vase, the Goblet and the Cello.

Determining your body shape and knowing how to select clothes that flatter is not always easy and requires a great amount of honesty, and whilst many surveys suggest that most women think that their body shape is the hour glass, the reality is somewhat different. The good news is that once you know, you will choose your clothes with much more confidence, knowing that you will be wearing clothes that suit and flatter your body shape.

This last point is really important because if you wear clothes that suit your body shape, you will notice the difference straight away. You will feel comfortable and as a result, you’ll feel much more confident.

To really take advantage of your new found knowledge, take a look at the huge range fashion websites on the Internet and take advantage of the many style guides and body shape selectors that most fashion websites have.

Any fashion site worth it’s salt will offer suggested garments and styles for the most common body shapes. Use them. And don’t forget that the Internet never sleeps, and it doesn’t criticise either.

Good luck and happy shopping.

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Does My Husband Struggle With Porn? 3 Starting Places to Overcome Pornography in Christian Marriage

When I started writing Secure in Heart-Overcoming Insecurity in a Woman’s Life, I knew that I wanted to pull together a resource that would help lift the shame off of my longtime battle with insecurity. What I didn’t realize is that with God’s help (and the courageous go-ahead from my husband Dave) that it would contain our most vulnerable struggles-including our longtime battle with sexual addiction.

Now women often ask me, “What should I do if I discover my husband is involved in pornography or other sexual activities outside of marriage?” To answer, I start by explaining why that question has been so central in my own journey.

A Twenty-Year Dance of Addiction

Dave’s struggle with pornography began well before Internet use became popular. As a preteen, he first experienced pornography through a stash of pornographic magazines at a friend’s house, introducing a false sense of intimacy early in life. My own love addiction sprouted as I grew up in an alcoholic home and endured sexual abuse as a young girl.

The pain and losses my husband and I both brought into our marriage created an unhealthy “dance” with well-memorized steps on both of our parts. He would relapse and look at pornography. I would run to him and seek desperately to win back his affection. The cycle repeated more times than I can remember.

There were times where Dave didn’t share his falls with me-trying instead to will his way out of his longtime struggle. He reasoned that he was protecting me. Part of the reason he didn’t share was my propensity to huge overreactions. My insecurity simply didn’t allow for that kind of openness.

But as it became obvious that this struggle wasn’t going to magically disappear overnight, God began to work on my heart. I began to see that it would take both of us working together to heal our marriage from pornography. Part of that took the form of me being willing to participate in counseling, recovery groups and reading. I slowly began to understand that my own losses were just as deep as Dave’s.

Yet another big change was needed in my approach to Dave’s sexual sin. I needed to learn to talk with him about the most sensitive of struggles in a way that was real, but that was also gracious. I needed to learn to express my hurt and set good boundaries without heaping shame on my partner.

So, now we’re back to our original question – what can you do if you suspect (or discover) that your husband uses pornography? Here are three healthy starting places.

1) Remove Shame — My first bit of advice is always, “Don’t panic.” Just as Satan seeks to shame women about our insecurities, Satan seeks to shame men about their battles with purity. While it’s often the natural tendency, unloading your fears on your husband in a fit of hysteria won’t help. In fact, most ongoing users of pornography are trying to medicate emotional pain. Shame is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Instead, after you’ve taken a little time to get past the initial shock, set up a time for a conversation.

2) Establish Open Communication — Pray over your conversation and give your husband some control over when you talk. “Honey, I need to talk about with you about something. When would be a good time?” Then, when you sit down together, initiate a conversation that goes something like this:

“Honey, I want to talk to you about something that’s difficult to talk about, but really important for us discuss. Please hear me out. Here’s what I’ve discovered and how I discovered it. Or even, here’s what I suspect and here’s why.”

Then, after he’s had a chance to respond, you might gently probe: “When was the last time you looked at pornography? How often do you masturbate? Have you ever called a dating line? Do you visit adult bookstores?” Are you having an affair?

Don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of initial defensiveness. Stay calm. And, regardless of what answers you get, try not to over-react. This is just a starting point.

3) Seek Outside Counsel — If your fears are confirmed, it’s time to get some help from those with experience in dealing with these kinds of issues. Many churches have recovery programs (like Celebrate Recovery) where you can get specific help. Outside counsel and attending recovery groups will help you establish healthy boundaries. You’ll also gain relationships with others who have gone through similar struggles and are a little farther down the road.

Ultimately, healing comes as needs (formerly medicated by pornography) are met through the true intimacy found in godly, nurturing relationships. By helping your husband to break out of the isolation of hiding sexual sin, you are giving him a great gift.

Hope for the Future

Confronting impurity in a marriage can be a conduit of God’s grace for both partners. God continues to bring much good in my own life through my husband’s battles. If Dave’s battles hadn’t come into the forefront, I don’t know if I would have ever dealt with my own codependency coming from my father’s alcoholism. I certainly wouldn’t have written Secure in Heart.

With time, God has done an amazing work of restoration. In fact, Dave and I would say that one of the strengths of our relationship is our intimacy. And now we’re grateful to be at a place where we’re helping other couples find hope after impurity. My hope is that my story can help many other wives get on the path to healing much quicker than I did. Remember, you’re not alone and there is hope.

Learn more about dealing with sexual addiction within your marriage or overcoming other sources of insecurity by visiting http://www.secureinheart.com. Robin Weidner, author of Secure in Heart, regularly speaks to women’s groups and churches about replacing the damaging lies of Satan with the unchanging truths of God. Weidner also provides resources and advice on how to address addiction and codependency within relationships.

Choosing the Nightwear Lingerie and Intimate Apparels

Night wear has come a long way from plain and simple, designed for comfort and concealment to sexy and stylish seductive pieces meant to be shown and adds to mystery.

Night wear can be defined in a woman’s wardrobe as comfortable pyjama, night dresses, peignoirs and negligees, night jackets to sexy lingerie.

Usually during cold and winter nights, one may opt for a silky or cotton pyjamas with its pretty, soft and light weight material, but during summer nights, one inevitably choose the dress.

The passion for intimate apparel has been understood to reflect the inner moods of a woman. Wearing the proper intimate apparel that tone the woman’s mood can change the passion of a night. Lacy lingeries may add crisp to man’s inhibition for his partner. A thin nightdress can cover beautifully the skin at the same time bold colors intimate apparel may shine under it. Or simple gowns and wrap may leave somebody wondering.

Wearing lingerie adds to the flair of the bedroom. It makes a woman look sexy and feels sexy. Lingerie also boost the confidence of a woman, especially when it highlights her assets and perfectly portrays the inner self she wish to express.

However, choosing a lingerie from a shop may sweater be that easy. It may look beautifully and mystifying at the display section but may not suit the body features, at best, one can choose lingerie or a night dress through two phrases: highlight the assets and gives comfort. These two cannot be separated. A sexy and nice looking lingerie at the body will lose its magic when hidden under the blanket (if you shy wearing it.)

If a woman has long flawless legs, one may opt to wear short silky night dress to highlight the legs. Or maybe if the woman have ample breast to show up, it would be best to wear a lingerie or nightdress with V neck and highlights the bust, thereby showing the cleavage and makes the woman alluring.

The art of wearing nightwear be it dress, pyjama or lingerie can vary and may differ from what and how a woman feels for the time she wears it. It can be match and mix from color to texture type and feature what fits the woman not only physically but the inner self and how a woman feels legacy perfume herself.

David Nieper a top fashion designer of http://www.davidnieper.co.uk in UK. Started designing luxury night wear and lingerie here in beautiful Derbyshire over 30 years old. From the start, quality and a friendly family environment were paramount.