5 Tips For The Perfect Female Seduction

The art of seducing a woman is easier than it sounds. Advertisers may tell you that you need the right aftershave, the right car or the right brand of clothes, but in fact the surface details are surprisingly unimportant.

I’m about to explain to you exactly what does matter when it comes to seducing your date. By following my five point plan, any man, regardless of income or appearance, can dramatically improve his chances of taking that girl to bed.

Step 1. Get her Interested

Whatever your intentions, you’re not going to get anywhere with a woman unless you can get her to like you.

There’s nothing more attractive to a girl than being found attractive. Make it clear you’re into her by being open, attentive and considerate. Hold doors for her, pay the bill, and focus on what she’s saying to you.

Keep your conversation light hearted and entertaining, and look for points of common interest. Shared hobbies and similar outlooks make things a whole lot easier, but don’t feel you have fake it; if you genuinely don’t have anything in common, distract her by asking lots of questions.

Step 2. Get Physical

As the evening progresses, start looking for excuses to touch her. Emphasize a point by brushing your fingers against hers. Empathize with her stories by placing your hand upon her arm. Brush stray hairs from her eyes or rub crumbs from the side of her mouth.

Lean away from her slightly, and watch as she subconsciously leans towards you – you know that she wants to be near you.

Step 3. Go Somewhere Quiet

Wait until the very last moment to suggest you head home together. Perhaps you are having a coffee after the meal, or you’ve just left the restaurant and are wondering what to do next. Tell her you’re having a wonderful time with her and that you don’t want the evening to end.

If she doesn’t invite you back to her place, don’t be discouraged. If she has already shown an interest in your guitar, your indie film collection or your pet iguana, invite her round for a look. Otherwise, ask if she cares to come over for coffee.

Step 4. Start with a Kiss

By this point your date will be tingling with anticipation – and the longer you make her wait for that first kiss, the more excited she’ll be.

Build up to the kiss slowly and seductively. Sit yourself next to her with your body turned fully towards her. Lean in slightly and move your gaze from eye to eye and down to her mouth. Really take your time with this.

When neither of you can wait any longer, kiss her. Be gentle, but firm. Tongues should be darting, not smothering. Put your fingers in her hair or your hand on her cheek. Pay attention to her pace and technique and alter yours to match.

Step 5. The Slow Seduction

Girls love to kiss, so take your time. When you are ready to move on, begin stroking her hair or her face. Run your fingers down her arms or along her legs. Put one hand in the small of her back and press her gently towards you.

Begin kissing her face and nibbling her neck. Run your hands up the side of her body and feel her pressing herself closer. Only when you can’t bear it any longer, slide your hand up to her chest or slip the tips of your fingers inside her clothes.

The trick to seduction is to always make the woman feel amazing. Treat her well, gaze at her adoringly and you’ll both have a night to remember.

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